Thursday, July 2, 2009

Evan goes to camp....Mommy cries.

So, Evan went to Kamp Kanakuk today. This is her first camp experience and she will be gone 7 days. Very hard on her family, but I'm sure she will have the time of her life! We get to email her everyday, but she doesn't get to contact us by email or anything else. We won't hear her sweet voice until Tuesday!

How fun does this look? Especially for Miss Fearless!

Her counselors She got a top bunk.....she was sooooo glad!
It's gonna be a long week for the rest of us....but I hope that she is too busy having fun to even think about us. I know she will make memories that will last a lifetime. There is a camp store and I had money in an account so that she can just go in there and buy whatever. We talked about it today and I suggested that she buy a t-shirt and some face paint and a few other things. So, tonight (her first night there) I looked on her account to see if she spent any money. She spent every dime! On crazy stuff. No t-shirt. No face paint. She bought a pink blanket w/ cross! What? A blanket? It's only 101 degrees outside and there is NO airconditioning there! A blanket! Really? She also bought some decals for the car (I suspect these are gifts for me and hubs, a charm bracelet (possibly a gift for sissy), some pens, a Bible study book, and some pens. Seriously? The girls at work and I got a big kick out of checking out all her purchases. Obviously, I'm going to have to put some more money in her account. It is so not like her to spent all the money on the first day! She usually analizes a possible purchase for a month or so until she talks herself out of it. I absolutely cannot wait to talk to her and hear her stories about everything!


Jen said...

I love it! That girl's a shopper, for sure! :) I can't imagine Caddy going away to camp someday...but I'm sure you couldn't imagine it either at one point...

I'm sure Ella will love all the solo time this week, though! :)

Rachel Brown said...

Don't cosign for a credit card for that girl she love to shop!!

Sarah and Brad said...

That is tooo funny about her shopping!! Sounds so like what I would have done!

What a wonderful experience you guys are affording for're right, she'll never forget it. So neat!!

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