Friday, January 1, 2010

my girls Christmas gifts to each other....

Last year..we started a new tradition where my girls actually MAKE a Christmas gift for each other. I blogged last years experience, too, and you can read about that here. They had so much fun doing it and couldn't wait for this year to do it again. I, being the bad mother that I am, kinda wanted to skip it this year because I was so busy with sewing projects and other stuff....but once they started talking about what they planned to make for each other...I knew skipping was out of the question. And thank goodness we didn't because I truly believe that it helps to really build on the bond they have with each other. The pictures speak for themselves as to how happy and proud they were to give and recieve these gifts.

Evan's gift to Ella was a tooth fairy pillow. I wrote the word tooth fairy on a piece of fabric and then she hand embroideried over it with embroidery floss. SO easy. Then, with a little help from me, she used the sewing machine to sew on a pocket and sew two pieces of fabric together. Then she stuffed the pillow and finished sewing it up and TaDa...a gift Ella will cherish forever.

(this is by no means a perfectly sewn pillow with pretty fabric and perfect stitches, but Ella doesn't mind at all)

Ella's gift to Evan was a tin to put all her bottlecaps on (for those of you without school age children, bottlecaps are little magnetic necklace thingys). We just got a metal pail at Michaels, she spray painted it pink, and the she put her name on it with stickers and bedazzled it with rhinestone stickers. Precious.
The smiles on their faces in these pictures says it all!