Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet Junie B. Jones and Nancy Drew.........

Today was "Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character" day at school. Don't even ask me why the school would do this on Halloween. Like coming up with one costume isn't enough, we had to pull together this one on top of that. Anyway, Evan wanted to be Nancy Drew and she put this outfit together herself. I thought it was perfect. The leopard tights are a little risky for Nancy, but, hey-a girl's gotta be cute. Ella wanted to be "Spongebob", oh, no-wait-"Scooby Doo". After a lengthy explanation of how they are cartoon characters and not really book characters, she (we) decided on Junie B. Jones. I embroidered "Junie B. Jones" on her t-shirt (I know-it's kindof like cheating-love that embroidery machine) and she has on knee socks with one pulled up and one pushed down. A big messy bow and some glasses- and we've got a little Junie B.

They both looked so cute. And tonight------it's on to Dorothy and Pink Power Ranger! Can't wait..........hrk

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dogs are People......I'm sure of it.

I got Brother his Halloween costume this week. He is so stinkin cute in it. Funny thing is, he doesn't feel cute and it is so obvious when I put it on him. He seriously just looks at me like, "Please take this stupid outfit off of me because I feel like a fool." God love him, he's such a good sport. A friend is loaning me a princess costume for Dixie, and so we'll see if she is as sweet as her big Brother when she gets her costume on.
Meet Sargean K9! Can't you see the pleading in his eyes, "Please, I look like an idiot."

It's kindof tight across the chest so it makes him walk with his front legs bowed out. That really adds to the effect of the costume, walking like he's all big and tough.

Oh...and I averted a near disaster on Tuesday. It was hat day at the girls school. Evan wore a cute little crocheted brown hat, presh. Ella......picked out a hat that she shouldn't even own. Brad bought her a pink camo trucker hat at Wal Mart a while back it is the one she decided to wear on hat day. The worst says "Team Realtree" on the front. Swear! It goes against my every belief to allow my daughter to wear something that says "team realtree". And ok, so if they want to wear camo when they go to the woods with Brad or Papa, fine! But pink camo with "team Realtree", Seriously? So I casually kept suggesting that her pink Nike cap would look really cute since she was wearing a pink Nike outfit and all. Eventually, she decided to try both on and see which one looked better. When she put the Nike cap on, Evan and I were like, "O.M.G. That is fabulous. So cute. So sporty. So you!" So she went with that one, AND she thought it was her idea! Whew! Talk about a close call.
I took a picture of her in the first hat when I thought that was the one she was going to wear. Can you say "REDNECK!"

And here we are after the last minute switch.......Triumphant!!!!!

Don't get me wrong here. I am all about a girl in some cute camo pants or was the trucker style hat with the "Team Realtree" that got me. gotta draw the line somewhere.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home...from the land of Crazy People and Weirdos

Well, we had a fun getaway in New Orleans and we did some neat things.....but......O.M.G. The place is full of the weirdest people I have ever seen. It felt like we were on another planet. And it is non-stop PARTYING!!!! I can't imagine that people actually live there. We initially thought, 'Oh, how great, we are staying right on Borboun Street.' Uhh...not so much a good thing, unless you enjoy waking up to loud music and sirens and screaming people at all hours of the night. Even when you go out at 7:30am and walk down the street, there were bars open with people in there still drinking. CA-RAZY! That said, our hotel was really nice and we did have a good time. I tried to join the partiers but I paid the price for that. Darn happy hour will get you every time! We went on a swamp tour -- so neat and pretty, not what I expected. We also got a massage, which could have been great, except my guy was a talker. And I mean Non. Stop. Talking. for the entire massage. Isn't that against the code of massage therapists or something? It was ridiculous. And I was not encouraging it, but he wouldn't hush. Too bad! We did eat some Fabulous Food! Those fried donut thingys with the French name and all the powdered sugar--YUMMMY! And a little crawfish pie--probably the best thing we ate. Oh- and can't forget- WAY TO MUCH bread pudding. And I did a little shoppy-shoppin and got some jeans. I have a bit of an addiction to buying way-too-expensive-jeans, but got some anyway and love em! YAY! So all in all, it was fun and we had a really good time just hangin out with each other and with our friends, but, New Orleans----Good Bye, Forever! Cause we won't be going back. hrk p.s. sorry to all of you who love N.O. don't mean to diss your city, it just wasn't for me Andrew Jackson statue in front of the big church.The big church behind us is a beautiful Catholic Church. We were going to go to mass but time got away from us. I would love to have gone inside it.Having a little snack with friends!
The swamp--I was shocked by the beauty of it. My little friend Alli Gator. Met her on the swamp tour. YUP! I am holding an alligator. It was gross. Note the tape on his mouth.
Me and Hubs out on the Bayou!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You know how some families seem unfairly exposed to death and loss? It is so hard to understand. Why them? Why again? My sweet sister-in-law, Karen, (my brother's wife of 14 years) has been through so much, and just when you think it can't get worse, it does. Six years ago, Karen lost her father to lung cancer (he was not a smoker). It was a horrible tragedy that none of her family expected. A few years later, when they had just begun to heal from the loss of her father, Karen's mom was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherigs disease). She died from complications of that 2 years ago, just after Christmas. Karen has done so well dealing with the loss that she has dealt with. Having lost both parents by the age of 30 is something none of us ever dream of enduring. Karen has an older and a younger brother, and they have pulled together and supported each other during their times of loss. Last night, Karen's older brother, Steven, died in a car accident. Why? Why them? Why again? I certainly do not question God, ever; I know that even in death, there is Glory because of God. But, that said, I do often wonder what God's plan is. And why some people have to deal with so much pain, while others do not. My brother and Karen have 3 boys: Tyler, 14, Andrew, 9, and Blake, 3. Tyler and Andrew have suffered losses greater than I have ever dreamed of. Losing their grandfather who could do anything and had so much to teach them; their grandmother that was so dear to them, who lived only blocks away and was everything that you dream a grandmother could be; and now their uncle, who would have them over for sleepovers and all night video game sessions. I went to see the boys last night after I found out what had happened. It turns out Steven was in a one car accident. He rode the median for a while before going off into an embankment. He didn't have his seat belt on, which was unusual because they say he typically wore it. These boys are so full of questions. "Do you think he could have passed out because it looks like he should have tried to turn and get back on the road?" "What is a seizure?" "Could he have had one?" "I wonder why he didn't have his seatbelt on?" Listening to these boys ask these questions, and wonder why, and just not understand, is so painful. Andrew just cried, and said "I feel so sorry for my mom, and aunt K, and Michael (Karen's younger brother)." I hate that they have to deal with something as big as this. I want to wrap them up and protect them and make everything fun and laughs and smiles. They are the best kids, probably in part because they know what loss and true pain feels like. And Karen, I can't even begin to imagine how she feels. I can't fathom the thought of losing my brother, my kindred spirit, my friend and protector and partner in crime. So-please pray for Karen, and my brother (Gary), and Tyler, Andrew, and Blake, and Steven's wife- Kimberly, and Karen's younger brother- Michael. They need our prayers. And Count your blessings.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ella learned a song in music........

And it is all I have heard since I picked her up from school. It is one line, on verse. That's it. Over. and. Over. and. Over. We took a little video. And yes, she has black crayon all over her face. hrk

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone has a great week! Mine is busy, busy but next week Brad and I are going to New Orleans, so I am eager to get this week over with! Anybody know anything about New Orleans? Any "must go" place to eat (or shop)?

I am planning to get the girls into their Halloween costumes soon for a little photo shoot. You know, on Halloween, we are always so busy and rushed and I end up getting not good snapshots, so I plan on doing it right this year. Evan is going to be Dorothy, my dream has finally come true! Her costume is sooooo cute! And you will just have to wait to see what Ella is going to be. It's classic Ella. A bizarre character that she has never even seen in a movie or cartoon. Whatever, she likes it so...........?!
Anyway.........Have a great Monday!
This is the hotel we are staying at in New Orleans.
It is on Bourbon Street in the heart of the French Quarter. YAY!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

EllaBella's First Field Trip........

Last week, Ella's class went to the play hospital at Sparks. This was her first kindergarten field trip and she was sooooo excited. The real dream-come-true was getting to ride on the school bus. I have no idea why riding a school bus is so fabulous, but Evan was the same way when she was in kindergarten. Next week, she gets to go on another field trip to Wild Things Farm. Two school bus rides in two weeks, what a lucky girl!!! hrk

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happiness is............

My dear friend, Target, has finally opened here in the big Fort to be closer to me. Sweet Target knew how I longed to visit him almost daily, but the drive to NWA was just becoming to much (with gas prices and all) and we were growing apart. So Target decided enough was enough, and he opened his doors to me right here, a mere 2 miles from my home! How I love you, Target!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where have I been.....

Oh.....just this little park called DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! Last Friday, Lorelei and I went to a Junior League conference in Orlando. When we found out we were going, we decided we might as well stay a few extra days and scope out the Disney adventure. Big fun!!!! We went to Epcot on Monday. The Food and Wine festival is going on right now, so we got to try different food and wine from countries around the world. Very neat. Then on Tuesday, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Oh my---no matter how old you are---that place is SO MAGICAL!!!! I went when I was a kid, and all the memories came flooding back, so Amazing! I was a brave soul, too, and rode rides. That is something I usually do not do, but when your at Disneyworld, you just have to do it! Oh, and we met some characters. That was fun. I must have called and texted Brad a million times while we were there, saying, "We have to come here with the kids!" "I just met Sleeping Beauty!" "You would love this place" "I just ate Creme Brulee from France!" get the picture. What a fun opportunity! Oh- and we stayed at Downtown Disney, which is just a neat shopping and dining place with all kinds neat Disney stuff.