Thursday, April 23, 2009

good times.....

and finally.
i couldn't love these girlys more!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

guess who is all better?...........

poor baby Brother before: (look at those cute little teeth...heart him)..... and after, he got his stiches out yesterday:
It's so good to look at him without throwing up in your mouth a little. He is so much happier now, too. We got our Brother back! Woohoo! Thank God for sweet doggys and good vets!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

feast your eyes.......


The finished painting of our precious Brother Bear Kohler.

I absolutely love it. It is hanging right in the living room for all to see. And the frame is just as gorgeous.

Angie and I are hosting our party at my house tomorrow (Friday) night. If you are interested in having something painted or a frame.....let us know! All the paintings from the last party turned out gorgeous. And look here to see the frame that Angie got. Very striking!
You know you want one......come on to the par-tay and check them out!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a bookshelf transformation......

I have been searching for a bookshelf for Evan's room FOREVER! I wanted one that was about 4 foot tall by 4 foot wide. Evidently, I'm the only person who has ever wanted a bookshelf this size because it seemed impossible to find. So...Saturday, I went to an antique mall and found this one. It was in an abandoned booth with no price on it. I asked the lady working and she told me $30.00. SOLD! Even the crappy, not right sized ones I have seen are usually $100 or this sounded good. It is definitely not in good shape, but I figured for the price, I could make it work...and if would be good storage in the garage.
Here it is before:

and after replacing the back with a piece of bead board and doing some painting and distressing:

I did alot of sanding and did some crackle spots...I am not very good at the whole crackle thing, but it's fun to try..... Here it is in the room. I got a few things on it tonight, but still have alot to go.....
The problem now will be figuring out what to hang above it. Since the tv sits on top of it, it's going to be hard to hang something without it being really high or off center. I may order one of those vinyl wall sticker off of etsy to try. Maybe some kind of tree or branch with a bird or something. certainly isn't a fabulous piece of funiture, but the size is great and it will do for now.
Now, on to curtains and pillow shams.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sweet treat for Brother... about a spoiled pup! Look what Rachel, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou sent to my pitiful Brother Bear today.....

Is that not the best? I gave him the squeaky bone and he went to running around and being all playful. It was great.....he has never had a toy that squeaks before...and it was so good to see him act like himself and not all sickly....

Twenty minutes after I gave him this toy...he still hadn't put it down....
he was not about to let Dixie touch it. I mean, come on....if Dixie wants a squeaky bone to play with, she can go get HER eyelid sewn shut. Rachel is obviously as crazy about dogs as we are. (ok..maybe more). She's been calling daily to check on Brother. Hmmmm......I had a little foot surgery last year and I didn't get a squeaky bone or anything.....just sayin'.... Thanks so much, Rachel. Brother is loving his treats!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on Brother..........

First thing this morning, hubs took Brother to the vet. He was acting like he felt better but the ulcer (sorry...I called it a tumor in the last post) was still there and didn't look any better. Once at the vet, Brother underwent surgery to sew his third eyelid shut so that the ulcer could heal. It has to stay that way for 7 days. He is very pitiful right now....we are treating him extra sweet but he just doesn't feel well. Here is how he's a little painful to look at:

Poor baby!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happy.......

My little cuties on Easter morning.... This afternoon we went to the family Easter dinner......good times.
missy prissy.....
a bunch of silly girls...... doing the Cha-Cha slide......
All 15 of the grandchildren in hubs family....not an easy picture to get...... Hope everyone's Easter was great! hrk

happy, happy Easter.........

First and foremost.....please keep our Brother Bear in your prayers. He has a tumor in his right eye and he is in alot of pain. He started on eye drops yesterday but the tumor looks worse today. We emailed Uncle Vetrenarian a picture of the eye and a close up of the tumor this morning....he said that the tumor looks deep and that we need to take Brother in on Monday morning to have it looked it. He could potentially need surgery. Uncle Vet says that these tumors are not uncommon in Boston Terriers and can quickly cause them to lose their eye. Hopefully we can prevent that. Our poor baby's awful to see him so miserable. Boo Hoo. On a lighter note, the Easter Bunny stopped by sometime last night and filled the girls baskets with goodies and hid some eggs. He left the girls a Boston Terrier much fun. And some cute tshirts and WAY TO MUCH candy. Silly Easter Bunny.

Hope everyone has a great Easter. I will update on Brother later. Rachel sent us an Easter dress for Brother to get all dressed up in...but he just isn't up to it today. We will dress him up when he is all better.

don't let the rain get ya down!

HE IS RISEN. Glory to God!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello. My name is Heather. I just made a trundle bed.

Yes.....I did! Here is how:
Gather your supplies.
Piece of plywood cut to my measurement by nice man at Lowes...check.
Five wheels.....check.
Some screws......check.
Two handles.......check.
Diet Dr Pepper.....check.
Attatch the wheels.....
Carry to girls bedroom (all excited)...only to discover you must have measured wrong. Get hand saw and remove 2 inches....get blisters on your hand and sweat off your new spray tan.... Find that it now fits perfectly.....Thank You God!
Attach two handles at perfect width for Ella's little arms......
And you get this........ Melts my heart.
So....yes, I am quite proud of myself for this one. It is not perfect, but it works and it only cost about $50.00 rather that $120 like the one I found at the furniture store. I was planning to paint it but after all the sawing....I'm done for tonight. I also am going to sand the corners down because I can forsee injury if I don't get rid of those sharp edges.
good night to tha peeps...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

mark it down in the books..........

.......that on this day, April 9, 2009, Ella Katherine willingly wore JEANS. To school. Without complaining. Not even once. Yes, my peeps......this is a very important day! A very good day.

I'm pretty sure the decision to wear jeans stemmed from seeing how cute 'sissy' looked in her jeans and rain boots.

Once at school (all cute in her jeans).....Ella's class headed to Methodist Nursing Home for an Easter egg hunt. Guess who found the prize golden egg?......yup, that cute little girl in the cute little jeans! The egg had $3.00 in it and the director gave her a stuffed chick that squeaks!WAAAHHOOOO. look at those eyes. and those rosy cheeks. and those bushy eyebrows. LOVE. IT.
love to tha

finally..... long they have waited to be able to do this! The room is nowhere near finished, but I got this twin matress today for the trundle part of the bed and the girls were so excited.
I don't have the trundle yet because I am planning to make one myself. How hard can it be? Probably a lot harder than I think.....but we shall see! So for now the matress is just on the floor and we will just slide it under the bed in the much fun.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

let the games begin......

Last night was Ella's first soccer game. They kicked some tail!!! She scored a proud of her. I can't believe how much her team has improved since the fall soccer season. Everyone of them has gotten so much better. And I'm proud to say that Ella no longer runs in slow motion. That's not to say that she will be winning any races, but she has definitely gotten faster.
Love this action shot! Look at her intense face and that perfect running form! LOVE. IT.
And who's team did we play......Miss Maggie Rae's. Her team is called the Highlighters! How perfect is that considering those uniform colors!
Our team is called......are you ready for this........the Blue Demons! Not sure who came up with that one. Probably our crazy coach (and by crazy I mean fun and hilarious). He brought Mt. Dew and porkrinds for snacks for the kids. Not lying. Gotta love him!
I love spring. days.......Life is good!
hrk the way......Evan's soccer career has ended. She just kindof decided it wasn't for her, which is fine. She's going back to tumbling and dance....definitely for her. I'm glad she tried a few things and has realized what she really wants to do. I finally just told her...."ya know, Ev, some girls just aren't sports girls.....and there is NOTHING wrong with that!"
She can rock the piano....she is good at so many things....just not really sports. What can I say, She comes by that honestly! (mama ain't no athlete!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

What A Giveaway!

Metro Builders Supply is giving away a new washer and dryer on Motherlode! Someone's gonna win.......never hurts to try!
Click the link below to register:
good luck!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

still working.....

So....I am just going to live with the paint color for seems as I get more furniture back in there, it might look ok...I'll live with it for a while, and if it doesn't grow on me...I'll paint it again.
Now I've moved on to the dresser, painting it the same color that I painted the bed. The dresser was white, now it is crumb cookie. Not much difference, but I did a little crackle distressing. I turned out ok. Not great....but ok.
I just did it in random spots...not sure about it.
by the way.....I love lazy Sundays. Not that I got to be too lazy, but everyone is back from out of town....and we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie while hubs made a big pot of chicken noodle soup (yummy)...Brother and I were so glad to have everyone back.
Did you all know that I had a boy? I don't talk about him much, but here he is..... Seriously, can you believe how much Ella looks like a boy here, all decked out in the turkey hunting clothes that her daddy bought her. Crazy girl! She is such a funny mix of tomboy and girly girl! Baseball and and dresses! You never know with her. hrk

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hmmmm....regarding the paint color.......

The second coat is complete, my hands have blisters, and the paint color now seems to have ABSOLUTELY no relation to the bedding. None. Like they don't belong together.
So....I think I'll go have a cocktail and a good cry......