Thursday, October 8, 2009


Obviously, since I haven't blogged in FOR-EVA, I have a lot to share! I have been psychotically crafty lately. I feel like I have A.D.D.....I'll start one project, then get distracted by another.....random, but it makes me crazy. I am normally a person of order and direction.

Exhibit A: this desk
Free! from my was her's when she was a little gal...been sitting in her she gave it to me for Evan's room. It was yellow, and kindof weathered a bit.

I painted it the same color that I have painted all of the other furniture in her room, distressed it a little....a ta-da! lovely! And OH SO FUNCTIONAL with 4th grade homework and all!

Oh...then we (Evan and I, with Angie and Stacy and Sophie) went to see THIS little lady in concert!

Talk about a good time!!! We all had so much fun....I just love making memories like that with Evan! And I know that this is one concert she will never forget! She is such a Taylor fan and knows every word to every song.

So in the lobby area of the arena, they had this place set up where you could make a video to one of Taylor's songs.....Evan was all for it. Angie got this picture of Evan during her 'making of the video'! Hands down....this is one of my favorite pictures EVER of Evan! It captures her personality perfectly! I will treasure this photo FOREVER!!

Exhibit B:

Home from concert...back to reality. I got on a shirt making kick. I've been making these t-shirts like crazy. So fun....and I've managed to make a little extra money by making them for others that want them! Always good!

Exhibit C:
My dear friend Rachel called me to tell me that one of her neighbors had set this dresser out with the trash! I was on my way out of she went and got it for me!! I loved it so much! Couldn't wait to try to transform it.

I have been needing a piece of furniture for my dining room so i decided to paint it to kind of be like a sideboard. I painted the top black, then the rest of it green and distressed it with black glaze. I love how it turned out!

Exhibit D:
This little treasure is calling for me everyday from my garage! It is another free dresser (thanks again to the sister in law) that I can't wait to paint and find a place for!
Hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging! I will definitely post pictures of the transformed blue dresser when I get it done.