Monday, April 28, 2008

Here we go...The big kitchen remodel!!!

Well, due to a major water leak in our kitchen that caused serious problems, we have decided to go for it and do a huge remodel. We are going to completely gut the kitchen and start over. We are going to remove half of a wall to open it up to the living room, get new cabinets, new appliances, counter tops, tile floor, lights, everything. I am going to be without a kitchen for 4 weeks (probably longer). I am going to set up a little make-shift kitchen in the dining room, but we will have no stove or oven for quite a while. I guess there are many nights of takeout in our future, which suits me fine (and the girls will love it). Here are the before pictures of the kitchen. I am going to try to blog the whole process. The mess will drive me crazy, I'm sure, but in the end it should all be worth it. Right? ---h.