Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Have A Little T-Ball Star!

A star in action!

They won!

Her daddy was so proud of her!!!

Tonight was Ella's first ever t-ball game. She plays 2nd base for First Methodist. She was FABULOUS! She fielded a ball and tagged a runner for an out!!! She hit twice, both times right to the pitcher. (We'll have to work on that.) The first hit, she got out at first base. The second time they overthrew the ball so she made it to 2nd base, then scored on the next hit. WOOHOO! When she got to home plate, she stood on it like she was waiting for her standing ovation. So stinking precious! Nanny and Pootie were there to watch her, but Evan was her biggest cheerleader. On the drive home, they had the sweetest little conversation. Evan was so proud of Ella and Ella was so proud of herself.
I think I am going to enjoy her playing so much more than I thought I would. -----h.