Sunday, May 3, 2009

blah...blah...blah.... has rained basically everyday for a week....and it is really making my life boring and miserable and my hair is a frizzy mess. (a little dramatic...i know). Ella's preseason t-ball tournament was this, she played one game on Tuesday night (that was supposed to have been played on Monday). They won without even playing good. The little team they played looked like it was all 4 year olds, and some of the kids on our team look like they're 8. So, it was a pretty boring game, but cute to see her out there looking all serious with her eye-black on. The rest of the tournament ended up being cancelled....Shocker..I know....with only 25 inches of rain this week, why not go ahead and play? Most importantly...she looked precious.

oh..and we have these two cutie-patootie bat girls this year......

let me tell ya....they take this job very seriously.

It briefly quit raining on we headed out to the I.C. Spring Carnival. That's always fun....though the big-frizzy-mess-of-hair on my head made me a little self-concious.

And parents had a cook-out...or, rather a cook-in....thanks to the rain and all. But it was fun, none the less.

my sweet nephews...Tyler and Blake.....i heart these boys.

how sweet is that smile? (blake's, not brad's). conclusion.....I. Hate. Rain. And as I type this, it is pouring down rain....and there is rain in the forcast for all next week, too. So just shoot me.
till the rain stops....


Jen said...

Saw your hubby and Ella there the other night! We were there long enough to eat and visit with a few friends, but had to hightail it out of there when it started to sprinkle! Pushing a stroller puts a whole new spin on the IC Carnival experience! :)

Rachel Brown said...

I think I am developing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) from this weather:(