Thursday, May 21, 2009

end of an era......

The kindergarten era of our lives is all but over. I will never again have a kindergartner. (ok, i'm a never say never girl, so scratch that. just sayin'). I know we all say this about everything....but doesn't it seem like I JUST posted about that horrible (for me) first day of kindergarten a minute ago...and now I'm posting about the end. UGH!
Today was the kindergarten picnic and it was a great time. The kids all had a blast. I did lots of face painting, which was interesting, to say the least.
I just can't believe it's about over. Kindergarten is so much fun. I love that they are learning and socializing and having so many new experiences, but you don't have the seriousness that comes with the grades above.
I took a few pics at the party, but nothing great because I was busy painting kitty cats and such on faces, so I took this one of Ella when we got home. She had such a great time.

All that said, we are counting down until Eastgate Pool opens and we can begin our 'lazy days of summer'. The girls are dying to be staying up late, sleeping in, and spending their days at the pool, and SO AM I!!!!!!



Jenna said...

Don't count your chickens just might be taking miss caroline to her first day of kindergarten since i won't be able to. Ya know, i can't trust tim to get good photos on the very first day. you can cry for me on that day!!!

Jen said...

We joined Eastgate this year too! We'll have to meet up some time! :)

Anonymous said...

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