Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a little note about nothing.........

Wow. Life is busy. Seems like every night we have something going on, and here I made the kids chose their activities wisely because I didn't want to be gone every night, but it feels like we are anyway. I have been working some extra nights now and then and that seems to make things worse. Evan is doing great in school. We had a few tough weeks of her trying to avoid the inevitable, but she has finally figured out that she has to study and work even harder this year to make those good grades she is used to. Now she comes home and goes right to her homework without all the doddling. Every Friday, they do a timed math test where they have to do 120 problems in 3 minutes. On the first one, she didn't do so good. We made a bunch of copies of the practice sheet and started practicing every night. She did much better each week and last Friday she finished all 120 AND she got them ALL right!!!!! YAY Evan!!!! It was so good for her to see her hard work pay off. Ella comes home every afternoon singing a new song she learned. You know how we love Ella's singing. Right now, it's all about the Nursery Rhymes. So cute! As for me, I just need to say that I am so lucky to have my sweet husband. He tries so hard to be patient with me and help out with the girls when I am SO TIRED from working all night and sleeping very little. He's the best! hrk
Ella had a soccer game tonight! We call this little group "the Dream Team"! They were HOT!


Evan playing a little sideline soccer.

Hope your day was good!


Our Blessed Family said...

I just can't imagine Kamden having to do homework but I know my time is coming! Ella looks so cute in her uniform! Kamden is loving soccer! It is so funny to watch them at this age. I know what you are saying about being busy every night. I often wonder how in the world we got so busy!