Wednesday, September 3, 2008

White River weekend....

Last weekend we had a QUICK getaway to Katie and RonDee's cabin at the river. Let me start by saying that I haven't been there since the weekend Brad and I got engaged and I forgot how much I loved it. It is so relaxing and beautiful. Katie is an amazing decorator so the place is fabulous, of course. I love it there. We went with the Jamie and Lorelei and their kiddos and everyone had a good time. We did a whole lot of nothing and it was great, but it ended too soon because I had to be back Sunday night to go to work. UGH! It did make me realize that I want to go more often. It's sooooo relaxing and though I wouldn't call myself the outdoorsy type, when I was there I wanted to be outside the whole time. Big back porch + good book = BLISS!
These little maniacs ran around in the water while Jamie and Brad fished.
The water was FREEZING!!!! Look closely. The big nest in this tree is an eagle's nest. Amazing. Last time Brad was here he and Ella saw an eagle flying into it with a fish in it's mouth. No such luck this time, but I think this is so cool. It is enormous!


Mary Kate said...

5 sets of twins! Wow...I have heard of so many people lately having twins! Too cool!!