Saturday, July 26, 2008

We have arrived.....

So.....we made it to our condo in Okaloosa Island today about 4pm, after driving through a horrible rain storm and bumper to bumper trafic. Todays trip was longer than we expected, but boy, was it worth it. There was lots of squealing and running all around the condo when we got here. This place is fabulous....even better than we expected. There is a deck that is over 1000 square feet that overlooks the bay and the pool and lazy river. It really is amazing. Anyway, the kids immediately put on swim suits and headed first to the hot tub (which is on the deck), then to the pool that is just off of our deck. Brad and Ella got right into the bay and started hunting for shells in the water. They found two hermit crabs. Amazing. To just find them out in the water like that, all tucked up in a shell, was so neat. Then we ate and decided to walk over to the beach. What a fun time. It was sprinkling and dark by this time, but nobody cared. They all ran right out into the water. So much fun!!! The big event of the night was all the crab catching going on. Brad and Jamie are really into catching crabs to use as bait for the big fish (they brought poles to fish out in the bay and off the pier). They caught several crabs and ended up keeping three of them in a cooler to use as bait when they fish tomorrow. This was big fun for the kids. It seems like the only pictures I took tonight are of the crabs. This is going to be a great week! I am soooooo tired, so I am off to bed. I plan to post again tomorrow so be sure to check back and see what tomorrows adventures bring. Goodness, it's so great to be on vacation!!!! We are so blessed......-h.