Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dogs are People......I'm sure of it.

I got Brother his Halloween costume this week. He is so stinkin cute in it. Funny thing is, he doesn't feel cute and it is so obvious when I put it on him. He seriously just looks at me like, "Please take this stupid outfit off of me because I feel like a fool." God love him, he's such a good sport. A friend is loaning me a princess costume for Dixie, and so we'll see if she is as sweet as her big Brother when she gets her costume on.
Meet Sargean K9! Can't you see the pleading in his eyes, "Please, I look like an idiot."

It's kindof tight across the chest so it makes him walk with his front legs bowed out. That really adds to the effect of the costume, walking like he's all big and tough.

Oh...and I averted a near disaster on Tuesday. It was hat day at the girls school. Evan wore a cute little crocheted brown hat, presh. Ella......picked out a hat that she shouldn't even own. Brad bought her a pink camo trucker hat at Wal Mart a while back it is the one she decided to wear on hat day. The worst says "Team Realtree" on the front. Swear! It goes against my every belief to allow my daughter to wear something that says "team realtree". And ok, so if they want to wear camo when they go to the woods with Brad or Papa, fine! But pink camo with "team Realtree", Seriously? So I casually kept suggesting that her pink Nike cap would look really cute since she was wearing a pink Nike outfit and all. Eventually, she decided to try both on and see which one looked better. When she put the Nike cap on, Evan and I were like, "O.M.G. That is fabulous. So cute. So sporty. So you!" So she went with that one, AND she thought it was her idea! Whew! Talk about a close call.
I took a picture of her in the first hat when I thought that was the one she was going to wear. Can you say "REDNECK!"

And here we are after the last minute switch.......Triumphant!!!!!

Don't get me wrong here. I am all about a girl in some cute camo pants or was the trucker style hat with the "Team Realtree" that got me. gotta draw the line somewhere.