Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home...from the land of Crazy People and Weirdos

Well, we had a fun getaway in New Orleans and we did some neat things.....but......O.M.G. The place is full of the weirdest people I have ever seen. It felt like we were on another planet. And it is non-stop PARTYING!!!! I can't imagine that people actually live there. We initially thought, 'Oh, how great, we are staying right on Borboun Street.' Uhh...not so much a good thing, unless you enjoy waking up to loud music and sirens and screaming people at all hours of the night. Even when you go out at 7:30am and walk down the street, there were bars open with people in there still drinking. CA-RAZY! That said, our hotel was really nice and we did have a good time. I tried to join the partiers but I paid the price for that. Darn happy hour will get you every time! We went on a swamp tour -- so neat and pretty, not what I expected. We also got a massage, which could have been great, except my guy was a talker. And I mean Non. Stop. Talking. for the entire massage. Isn't that against the code of massage therapists or something? It was ridiculous. And I was not encouraging it, but he wouldn't hush. Too bad! We did eat some Fabulous Food! Those fried donut thingys with the French name and all the powdered sugar--YUMMMY! And a little crawfish pie--probably the best thing we ate. Oh- and can't forget- WAY TO MUCH bread pudding. And I did a little shoppy-shoppin and got some jeans. I have a bit of an addiction to buying way-too-expensive-jeans, but got some anyway and love em! YAY! So all in all, it was fun and we had a really good time just hangin out with each other and with our friends, but, New Orleans----Good Bye, Forever! Cause we won't be going back. hrk p.s. sorry to all of you who love N.O. don't mean to diss your city, it just wasn't for me Andrew Jackson statue in front of the big church.The big church behind us is a beautiful Catholic Church. We were going to go to mass but time got away from us. I would love to have gone inside it.Having a little snack with friends!
The swamp--I was shocked by the beauty of it. My little friend Alli Gator. Met her on the swamp tour. YUP! I am holding an alligator. It was gross. Note the tape on his mouth.
Me and Hubs out on the Bayou!


Our Blessed Family said...

It looks like fun but I bet it was really different. Probably one of those places you really want to go and experience, are glad you went but it is not a place you want to visit all the time!