Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where have I been.....

Oh.....just this little park called DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! Last Friday, Lorelei and I went to a Junior League conference in Orlando. When we found out we were going, we decided we might as well stay a few extra days and scope out the Disney adventure. Big fun!!!! We went to Epcot on Monday. The Food and Wine festival is going on right now, so we got to try different food and wine from countries around the world. Very neat. Then on Tuesday, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Oh my---no matter how old you are---that place is SO MAGICAL!!!! I went when I was a kid, and all the memories came flooding back, so Amazing! I was a brave soul, too, and rode rides. That is something I usually do not do, but when your at Disneyworld, you just have to do it! Oh, and we met some characters. That was fun. I must have called and texted Brad a million times while we were there, saying, "We have to come here with the kids!" "I just met Sleeping Beauty!" "You would love this place" "I just ate Creme Brulee from France!" get the picture. What a fun opportunity! Oh- and we stayed at Downtown Disney, which is just a neat shopping and dining place with all kinds neat Disney stuff.


Our Blessed Family said...

HOW FUN!!! I am a little jealous!