Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ella is a Graduate!!!!

From the moment a child is born, we often hear, "Before you know it, she will be in college." It's one of those things, you know that it's true, but it just takes a while to sink in. Well, tonight, it sunk! My tiny baby Ella, who was just born a minute ago, has graduated from Pre-K. It was a tear jerker for me. She and her class sang a few songs, then walked up on the stage to get their diploma and then switched their little tassle to the other side of their hat. Killed me! I took a million pictures and some video. After it was over, we let her choose where she wanted to eat dinner. She chose Burger King. Vomit! So we reminded her that she loves IHOP, and she quickly changed her mind (thank goodness). We had a little family dinner to celebrate her graduation. Good times.
My girls are growing up!
Ella with Hannah and John. These three are the best of friends, and as luck would have it, they will all three be starting kindergarten together at Euper Lane.

a little clip of her singing!