Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seriously.....We Just Met A Star!!!!

Well, if tonight wasn't fabulous!!!! Thanks to our dear friend, Stephanie, we had an amazing opportunity tonight. We got to go to Carrie's concert in Little Rock and we got to go to the meet and greet before the concert and actually meet her. She was so precious and sweet and really made us feel special.
Our seats were row 9 and right on the center by the catwalk that she came down several times during the concert. She waved to us and slapped the girls hands almost everytime she went by. Evan and Ella had the best time. They felt so proud that she kept acknowledging them. (and who wouldn't)
Steph...if you read this....we cannot thank you enough. You are the best......
Here are some fun pictures!!!

We were so close. It was awesome. And she put on a GREAT show!