Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dorothy and the Power Ranger

Whew. What a fun and crazy night. We started at the Euper Lane Halloween Carnival and were there from 5-8, then headed off to a hayride around the neighborhoods with Evan's friend Grant and a bunch of other kids. The girls had a blast and we were all ehaxusted by the end of the night..........hrk

Dorothy with a Nerd (Grant). Cambell, Hannah, Ella, and Lane. Dorothy and Hannah Montana (Berkley).
OMG. This was hillarious. Ms. Penix, the principal, as Dorothy. I couldn't stop staring at her. She said that she went to Howard Elementary yesterday dressed like that and the ladies over there said, "Oh, nuh-uh, when you come over here you aren't Dorothy, you're Doreatha."
Each class did some sort of art project to sell at the silent auction, Ella's did paintings of food. She picked a lollipop to paint. Go figure. Isn't it the cutest? Only cost me $30.00! In Evan's class, we painted adirondack chairs and put the kids thumb prints on them, then one of the mom's turned the thumb prints into Garfields (because that is the class theme). We purchased these as a class to give to the teacher for Christmas.
Ready for the Hayride.