Friday, November 28, 2008

I love Thanksgiving!

What am I thankful for? All of these things!
Good times!
Good friends! Whipped cream! Aunts and cousins! Fun gals in the family!
Family basketball games!
That I am so good, I can play basketball in my black heels (no picture of that)! (LOL)
My nephews!
Sweet sisters!
My brother and Karen!
Blake saying "CHEESE!"
Close family!
My mom!
Cute dresses and photoshop! (ok, i can be a little shallow)
Edward! (like i said, shallow) All of this and so much more! God has been good to me and I am so GRATEFUL!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Our Blessed Family said...

there actually isn't an RT program in FT Smith so that is why I'm going to NWA. There is a program in the works for UAFS but it will be at least 2010 before it's up and running. I have already looked into the program and talked with the director. I could still do all my clinicals in Ft Smith but would drive up two days a week for class except my last semester and then it's 3 days. I'm excited about job shadowing. I'm going Tuesday and staying for an entire 12 hour shift.