Sunday, November 30, 2008

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree..........

Well, it was a three day process, but the tree is up and decorated. We put it up on Friday. On Saturday, my stepmom, Melody, came over and put the ribbon around it, and finally, after Ella literally driving me crazy about it, we put the ornaments on it tonight. Don't tell the girls, but tomorrow, I am going to buy some new ornaments and "tweek" their decorating a little. I have never done that. I always let them decorate it with the ornaments they want and I never rearrange it, but this year I think I will. It is way past time for some new ornaments. And it is a new tree, after all. $40.00 from Big Lots! Quite the bargain, if I do say so myself. I am not all pretty and fancy about Christmas decorating, so don't think I am showing this picture of the tree thinking it is all Fabulous. I am all about a homey tree with ornaments that are meaningful. It does have several SpongeBob ornaments, afterall! We buy an ornament almost everytime we travel somewhere and that's always fun for reminiscing (?dont know how to spell that). OH- and we put up a Christmas light Cross on our fence outside. We have never done outdoor lights and I have had this vision for a cross on our fence since we moved into this house. I was thinking it would be one of those things people would drive by, then go home and call all their friends and be like, "OMG. You have to drive by that house and look at the Cross they did. It is Beau-Ti-Ful! I am so recomending them for an Orchid award or something!" BUT-only thing is---it's not that great. Not quite the vision I had. I am going to try to refine it tomorrow, also. So, no pictures of the life changing Christmas light Cross, yet. I know- you are dying to see it. Tomorrow, people! Tomorrow! OK- enough! Here are some pictures! hrk

How 'bout this Christmas ambience. You feelin it? Ella seriously couldn't leave it alone. Like having a toddler!
The girls were trying to act like reindeer.?.
All my babies *Evan & Brother, Ella & Dixie* Can you say "I look like my aunt Jenna and my dog is possessed?"
Happy Christmas decorating to all and to all a good night!