Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleepovers and Slumber Party's......... little girls are growing up. Tonight, Evan is at her very first slumber party. There were around 10 girls going. (That mom is much braver than me!) She was so excited and when I dropped her off it was all squealing and giggling and craziness. Before I took her, I tried to casually tell her that slumber party's can get a little catty and she needed to just be nice to everyone, no matter what. We will see how it goes. Since she was going away for the night, I figured it was the perfect time to let Ella have her little friend, Hannah, spend the night. They are the cutest ever. It is so entertaining to just sit and listen to two 5 year old girls chat. We took them to El Zarape and to get their nails painted. Right now they are hard at work making posters to give to their teacher as a gift. Too Cute.



Sarah and Brad said...

How sweet...I can't imagine that I'm going to have a five year old having her first sleepover some day..sniffle, sniffle! Sounds like fun though! Your girls sure are beautiful. We almost named Kate, Ella Katherine but we went with the other top choice, Katherine Elizabeth. I still love the name Ella though! Hope you guys are having a great weekend.