Friday, February 6, 2009

Ella's Perfect Day....(part 1).......

Ella's day started with waking up to a house full of birthday decorations (ok..just a banner and balloons) and this gift! WOOT WOO! A Nintendo DS of her very own....and blue I might add, her favorite color.

Then lunch with mom and dad and her BFF...Hungry...(he's one of daddy's coworkers, nickname is hungry) Art's Barbecue (her fave).

Then back to school....and mom got busy making goody bags for the PAR-TAY!
Check out these yummy goodies:

OH-YEAH!! That is a Spongebob iced sugar cookie from Paul's Bakery. There is nothing better!
On the otherside, I put stickers that I made with....Spongebob...of course.
Let me warn ya...I am THAT mom. The one who let's her kid pick a theme and the goes over the top. The mom I SWORE that I would NEVER BE! Wait till you see the cake and the shirt I had made for her. You'll just puke!
Be back after the party!


Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista said...
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Our Blessed Family said...

Well Thanks for the encouragement. The class is hard only because there is SO much info and I have to learn it in such a short period of time. The only reason I really worry about the grade is because I would really like to have an A, B at the least to help my chances of getting into the program.

Thanks on the picture comments too. I feel like my work is getting better with every shoot and really progressed over the past year. Sometimes it is hard to really evolve as a photographer when I have school to focus on as well. But I love doing it and probably will never stop!