Friday, February 6, 2009

Ella's Perfect Day.....(part 2).....

The party was a success. All Ella's friends much fun.
Here is the delicious and soooo cute cake!

And below, the shirt I had made for her at Snug as a Gypsy (or whatever they are now). Told you I went over the top with the Spongebob.

Love this picture! And this one. This is all of her BFF's from school. They are such a precious bunch of kids.
She had the best time and got the most fun gifts. Lots of Spongebob stuff and lots of puppy dog stuff. Her peeps know her well!
Evan got her a tetherball set. How much fun! We are going to try to get that all set up tomorrow. How much would you have loved a tetherball in your backyard when you were a kid? I would have.
The perfect day.


Jen said...

Ha! You cracked me up with "snug as a gypsy"! I told Carmen that I would always still call it Snug as a Bug...I just can't make the change!

I suppose as long as I keep writing them checks, I can call them WHATEVER I want! ☺

Looks like Ella had a great day!

p.s. Just gotta Spongebob as funny as the kids think? I have to confess, I have a bit of a crush on Handy Manny!

Our Blessed Family said...

It looks like you guys really made her day special! I am having a hard time with thinking about Kamdens, very fast approaching, 6th birthday! I hate that they grow up so fast!

It looks like Ella had a great birthday, what more could a girl ask for???

Kelly said...

Hey Heather, thanks for your comment on my blog this evening. You asked about the size of my photos - I upload my images to SmugMug, which gives me a number of different sizes, and then I choose the size I want (on my blog, I use 800 x 534) in SmugMug, copy the image location, and plug it into the Blogger Image uploader under the URL option. I had to rework my template to accommodate the images, but I wanted the larger images - they just totally pull you in, don't they?

Let me know if you have any more questions!