Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's No Place Like Home....

Ahhh.....Home Sweet Home! We got home last night at about 6:15pm. Took us exactly 10 hours to get home! I read a whole book again, The Secret Between Us. Good book! Poor hubs drove the whole way....I am not good about that...ya know...driving. I like to relax and read and sleep and watch movies and never drive. Thanks, babe, for driving the entire 20 hours.
Soooo....I have to post a video of Evan skiing a black (that is the hardest of all ski runs). She is such a great little skier! I was seriously so impressed with her. You would never think this was only her second ski trip. And she was sooo sweet and good and patient with Ella and me when we went way too slow for her and could only go on the easy stuff (not that I would call it easy---because it was NOT!) but Ev thought it was, and she cheered us on and was a doll!
This video is short, obviously hubs took it because my butt never even looked at a black, let alone attempted one. (i am not even gonna get into the story about hubs leaving me for dead on the mountain when i fell and my ski came off and he just kept on going while i ALMOST DIED up there in the freezing cold, stuck, and i ended up basically sliding down half the mountain on my butt....nope...not gonna get into that because i am over it...can't you tell).
So here is the video (it doesn't showcase her talent, believe me, the girl is a pro!)...(i'm not proud, huh?)

view from the patio of our house.....it was really pretty
Talk about a proud Daddy!
Sweet sisters.....warming up at lunchtime in the Lodge.

So...now I'm off to plan our next vacay to somewhere warm and toasty where I will have no fear of being left for dead on a snowy mountain...but, like I said, I'm over that!



Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

That is so funny. Hey my dad went down on his butt on a black slope in Switzerland. Thats where I learned to ski and hate it!! I feel bad for you. Brad should have driven the whole time since he left you.

Ella is a pro!!!!

Angie said...

Oh dear! Bitter, party of 1... your table is ready!! LOL You have every right to be upset. Brad, Brad, Brad... What can we say? "Men are from Mars", blah, blah, blah!

Way to go Evan!! I'm mega impressed! Glad ya'll made it home in 1 piece!

Our Blessed Family said...

hahahahahaha! That is so funny. No, I am just kididng Heather, what I meant to say was I can not believe Brad, the nerve!! How could he do that to you?
I am glad you are save and sound at home now! I don't think being cold could ever be called a vacation for me!

Good Job Evan!!!!

Jen said...

Hey! You've won an award...check my blog!