Friday, February 13, 2009

We Came. We Skied. We Are So TIRED!

OMG! I did it. I skied and I have to admit, it's fun. I was pressured into going on way more advanced runs than I ever should have tried, and I fell a lot....and it is exhausting to fall..get up..fall..get up..fall some more! I have never been more tired!
Ella finished ski school....not before begging me to let her quit before lunch...saying her head hurt, she hates skiing, she keeps falling.....she tried everything. But for the first time ever I did not cave in to her whining...I just walked away from her class and left her crying. Then I fretted and worried over it for hours....and when we picked her up, her teacher said she did the best in the afternoon and that she was ready for the bunny slope! She went up several times...came down like a champ...and loved it!
Evan (this is her second time to ski) took off and was unstoppable! Seriously...I was soo proud of her. Not only did she tolerate Ella's mood this morning and keep a positive attitude...she skied like a pro. She is sooo Brave! TOO Brave!
Anyway, all is well and we are ready to do it again tomorrow!
Evan...the champ!
My first of VERY MANY falls!

At the top of a BEAUTIFUL mountain after I dove off of the ski lift and made a complete fool of myself.....It wasn't pretty!

Ella's first time down the mountain!
And back at our house, the kids got some relaxing hot tub time! hrk


Jen r. said...

That looks like you had a blast!