Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to school haircuts.....

The girls got haircuts this week in preparation for school starting. Evan just got a trim and Ella got a couple of inches cut off so she has a little 'bob' again. I can't even believe that summer has come to an end and we only have one week until school starts. I think I have been in serious denial about all this with Ella starting school. She isn't really that excited about it, which makes it even worse. She says she just wants to learn to read and do recess and not do any of the other stuff. It's going to be a big adjustment for both of us. Evan, of course, is super excited about 3rd grade! She's moving over to the big kid side of the school. WOW. Feels like she just started school herself. We went to a birthday party at the skating rink yesterday. I snapped a few pictures of them skating. They were so cute trying to balance and go fast.......-h.