Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day Pictures...plus some sweet extras

Had to post this! Ella having breakfast with the typical 'Ella in the morning' look. Nothing like a cinnamon roll breakfast to start the school year off right.It's our tradition to walk to school with Jackson and Miles every year on the first day. My sweet sisters! In the classroom. Ella with her best friend, Hannah Miss Evan, heading into the 3rd grade!!!!
The blubbering BABY!!!
Here is Evan on her first day of kindergarten, heading into Mrs. Fimple's room. What a HONEY!
And I leave you with this picture of Ella, a mere 5 years ago, when the first day of school seemed light years away. Bittersweet, huh? No wonder I cried all day.


Cara said...

Oh seeing the girls younger makes me sad. And reading your story makes me teary. I can't imagine...I know I will find out all too soon. Luckily I still have a while. I get teary all the time thinking about how fast Griffin is growing up.

Mary Kate said...

I can't imagine how your are feeling! You brought tears to my eyes!! Cute pictures...I love the baby pic of Ella!