Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Your Lucky Day.....Ella sings Again!

This is too much fun...only 3 days of kindergarten and she has already learned a new song!! (she is brilliant, you know). She was singing it to Evan and me and we cheered her on and hooped and hollered for her when she got it right. (of course Evan remembers the same song from her kindergarten days of oh-so-long-ago). Ella was ever so happy to let me video her.

Oh how I wish I'd had this blog when Evan was in kindergarten.........-h.

Here they are all 'matchy-matchy' on day 2 of school. They actually love to dress alike.

Everything is going great for them at school. They are both so happy to jump up in the morning and get ready. (sure that will change momentarily). And I have dried my tears, so don't worry about me. When I pick them up, I ask them what they learned--Ella's answer is the same everytime, and the same as it was in preschool---"I forgot." Typical Ella. Evan, when asked the same question, gives a play by play of everything she learned, as well as, everything that happened, who had on a cute outfit, who brought what for lunch, etc. Good times....-h.


Cara said...

Griffin loves the "Days of the week" video. We have watched it several times now.