Monday, August 18, 2008


That is what today was about for me.....survival! Who new I would be a blubbering baby? Seriously, I cried my eyes out today, and I don't just mean when we took them to school, I'm talking all day long! But I made it, felt like I took my first breath of the day when she walked out that door this afternoon....and, of course, SHE was smiling! Enough about me, the girls had a great day. Evan LOVES her teacher and so do we! And Ella did so awesome. She had a moment right before I was leaving her room where she decided she didn't know how to color and she needed me to stay and help her, but I kissed her goodbye and she was over it. OH, and she was, by all means, the cutest kindergartener there!!! Overall, the day was a success. Ella loved school. She thought it was fun, she played with her best friend, Hannah, at recess. They swang and played on the monkey bars. She got to be the "paper passer" in class, so that was fabulous. She is ready to go back and do it again tomorrow. I am so glad it is over, though I know tomorrow won't be easy either (for me). The funny thing I kept thinking about all day was how, over the summer, I would think how great it would be to have a babysitter for one whole day so I could get some thing done, enjoy some "me" time. Today, here I was with 7 hours of "me" time and I couldn't think of one thing that I wanted to do. I just moped around all day, counting down the hours until I could pick them up. Seriously, it was ridiculous. So-anyone who might read this that has yet to start their baby in kindergarten, MAKE SURE that you have something to do on the first day- lunch plans, paint your house, save up all the laundry, anything to make time pass. I hope all of your special little one's had a great first day of school! I had to find the picture of Evan's first day of Kindergarten to post today. Here are our fun pictures!!!.......-h. **UPDATE** something is wrong with my pictures of with blogger because it won't let me upload my pictures. i will get them posted as soon as possible. sorry!!