Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doggie Makeover..........

It's shameful....I know. We have let poor Dixie's beautiful looks go. She hasn't had a haircut since.......maybe August. And, to say the least, she hasn't been feeling good about herself for months. So what's a girl to do.....perhaps, a day at the spa! Here is the"before" picture. God love her, she ain't lookin' so good.

Here is a full body "before" so you get the whole shaggy effect.

And after a relaxing day at the spa (not really, scares the crap out of her), here is the
From shabby to chic in less than 5 hours!

Can't you just see the new confidence exuding from her!

Working the fireplace hearth in a pink and cream WalMart special!
And I can't leave this little fella out of my Doggie post. He's so handsome, he doesn't need a makeover! (Rachel, I knew you'd be disappointed if there were no pics of Brother). Show some love to the animals, peeps!


Cara said...

Never, in all the years I have known you, did I ever think so much time on your blog would be spent on dogs. You have changed, OH so much!! :)