Saturday, December 6, 2008


The future of the WNBA! Well, a mom's gotta dream, right? Today, the girls had their first basketball games. It was fun (Ella's game) and stressful (Evan's game). Of course 5 year olds running around the court with the ball is all cutesy and fun. Eight and nine year old- it gets a little serious and way stressful. You have to keep in mind that Evan has never even really watched a basketball game, let alone participated in one. She was VERY nervous and bit her nails the whole time (and so did I, typing is painful right now because I'm typing on nubs). She was very unsure of how it all worked, one minute your on defense and everyone is screaming "gaurd your girl" "stay on your girl", then in the next minute it changes to offense and the whole concept changes, but Evan would run down there to the offense side and "stay on her girl". It was hard for her to switch gears and keep everything straight, especially because a lot of the girls on her team and the opposing team have played basketball, so they were quicker on their feet. All that said, by the end of the game, she pretty much had it figured out. The stress on her face was so obvious, though, and I hate that. I am so not competetive and I hate all the pressure they feel when they are playing a sport. (ok, ella doesn't feel any pressure-i don't think) I was so proud of them both, but especially Evan because this was her first ever game in any sport and she hustled and did her best and already showed improvement. Who knows, she may get it figured out and be pretty good by the end of the season. (remember, a mom's gotta dream) As for Ella, well it was so funny watching them. All was peaches and cream until she fell on the rubber court and tore her knees up, the she ran off the court mid-game straight to me. She did good and she made her free throw at half time. My camera battery went dead so I didn't get to much video. Not like I don't have seven hundred more games to video. hrk

that look on her face is STRESS!


Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Louise said...

The WMBA is waiting for both. They are such cute girls!!!!!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Hi, so glad you stopped by my blog and live in Ft. Smith! My friend will love that! amwalk21 @ hotmail dot com...I will forward your contact info on!

Thanks again for commenting!