Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I love New Years Eve.......

AAAHHHHHH...........I love the promise that comes with the New Year. I love resolving to make changes, and sometimes failing (it builds character, right) and all that comes with it. I love that it feels like the perfect time to start something new, forgive and forget, or just clean your house really good. I have ALWAYS loved the whole New Year's resolution concept, though I haven't always shared these because I didn't want pressure or people to know I failed. But really, I don't care anymore. Nobody's perfect! (I have learned that from Hannah Montana- did you know I met her?) So this year I am going to share my resolutions on this blog. But that post will be tomorrow........because todays post is my simplified "what I will do different during the holidays next year" list: 1. have cuter Christmas cards that do not have a typo on them (holdiays? are you kidding me, I proofed it like 100 times) 2. have an advent calendar 3. make gingerbread houses 4. make tree prettier 5. have a tree in the playroom that girls can put all their ornaments on 6. make the Christmas light cross bigger and better 7. decorate more 8. bake more (i'm being serious) 9. get shopping and wrapping done earlier 10. have a small tree in each girls room (at their request) 11. read the Christmas story to my girls several times during December 12. watch Miracle on 34th street with my family (we got it this year and never watched it) I better stop there, I'm getting overwhelmed. So, anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year's Eve. We have some tenative plans, and my mom is watching our kids!!!! yay!!! so who knows. How long has it been since we have done something on New Years Eve without our girls? can't think of a time, ever! (seems like I've always been working or on call or something-darn hospital won't close down for New Years eve!) Not that it is a big deal, just means the possibilities are endless. We could drive somewhere and stay the night. That would be fun. But we will probably just hang out with friends. That will be more fun. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!! Love to the peeps! hrk


Sarah and Brad said...

I LOVE the gift-making post! What a great idea..and your girls did such a beautiful job..very neat! I recently got a sewing maching and I think I'll try the apron soon....although I'll have to take it to my monogramming lady as I don't have anything fancy like that at home!!

Happy New Year!!!