Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Back...with the 2008 Christmas tour!

Ok...after my little blog hiatus, I'm back with a buzillion pictures of random Christmas moments at all the places we went. We had a great Christmas and had so much fun visiting with all of our families. The girls were so good and very gracious and made us very proud. And as much as I love Christmas and all that goes with it....I am glad it's over. My tree is down, the decorations are put away and man, it feels good! The "santa came" run into the living room!
Enjoying a little milk in her new bath robe.

Enjoying a little Cooking Mama on the DS in her new spongebob bathrobe!

Guess who showed up at my dad's house......the Incredible Hulk! (aka..Blake)

Evan was a little excited!

Ella and I took some pictures of ourselves.

Brad and I took some pictures of ourselves.

Has anybody seen Waldo?

Ella is now preparing for UFC with her new punching bag and boxing gloves.

Me and my Momma with my girlys! (love this picture)

It was all loads of fun and now it's time to start making some RESOLUTIONS!


Jenna said...

At least YOU have gracious children!!!