Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brother: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly......

I have a love/hate relationship with my sweet/terrible doggy Brother! He's great and all, he minds well, he takes turns every night sleeping with Evan on odd days, Ella on even days. He tolerates the nemesis, otherwise known as Dixie (the malti-poo). I could go on about his good qualities....but.......he also has a dark side. You see, if Brother was a human, he would be on NUMEROUS medications for anxiety and depression. Example, once Brad went out of town for a week....Brother broke out in hives and vomited the whole time! And, everytime it rains....and I mean even a fine mist, Brother starts pacing the floors and acting a fool. Now if we have a full on storm......well....(and I'm not kidding about this)....Brother has to be sedated! And if we happen to be out of his sedatives, and a storm comes at night, well, let me tell ya.......ain't nobody in this house sleeping because Brother has a complete PANIC ATTACK! Now....being a dog and all....he hasn't mastered the ability to tell the difference between a storm...and say...fireworks. Or the difference between a storm...and say...a jackhammer. Yeah! Ya see where this is going now...don't ya!
So, the other day....when sweet Ra-Ool came back with his jackhammer and I left to go check myself into a mental ward.....well, Bro flipped out!
Do you want to know what he did? Well, I'll tell ya what he did!
Hanging on the back of a chair in the dining room was a pair of jeans that I ordered Evan from Gap. Cute little faded jeans thinking they would be cute with flip flops and a tee for spring....opened the package, looked 'em over, hung them on the back of the chair.....left for mental ward....Brother got them off the back of the chair........and chewed a hole in them! A perfect square hole! What tha?
Oh...can I just tell you how mad I was? This little incident came the day after I came home to find an old leather cowboy hat (that was Brad's when he was little) shredded into a million pieces! And I won't even get into what my couch pillows look like right now....or how many blankets and sheets in this house have holes chewed in them......Seriously?
Check out the jeans:
Soooooo.....I have not been speaking to Brother since this 'incident'........but funny how things I got an email from the lady I ordered the 'Brother portait' from and she has attached a picture of the finished painting. I HEART IT!......and now I heart Brother again!
Here's the masterpiece......

Now, that not amazing! I love it so much! And Meatball, Angie's dog that she had painted, well..his portrait is stunning, as well. Meatball is quite the poser!

And I know that you all are dying to get something painted....and you will have your chance! Angie and I are having a party on April 17th, here at my start picking out the picture you will have painted! The prices are right!

So....I have forgiven Brother......for now! But he will strike again, no doubt!

And here's a look at the patio progress:

Pretty, huh!

Love to tha peeps!



Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

That is so funny (I almost peed my pants when you say he has a dark side b.c. I was laughing so hard). Poor Brother. He and my Opie should get together for therapy due for storm anxiety. I LOVE the paintings! I can't wait to get mine.

Angie said...

LMAO!!! I LOVE IT! I hope sweet Ra-ooL never gets finished because EVERY time I read his name on your blog, I lose it!! HILARIOUS! I'm not sure if it's because I had the honor of burning rubber on your driveway Sunday because of Ra-ool or what. Regardless, I will miss him when he's gone! :)

Jen said...

Who is it that did Brother's "portrait"? I love it! I'm the type who'd get a canvas painting of my dog, too!

Liking the new background, too! :)

the alder boys said...

Love the painting!! I'm jealous you have yours! I want mine too!!

Our Blessed Family said...

So, even though I would be POed about the jeans, I think it has to take talent to chew through them in such perfect form!!!

The painting is very neat! Is it just pets or can it be any picture?

Cara said...

I want to know how Brother has such precision? Truely amazing... as is the fact that Heather Kohler paid for a portrait painting of a dog. Only a few short years ago you would have totally laughed at doing something like that. Brother got to you and softened you and turned you into an animal lover. :) I want details on this painting thing. I would love one done, can she ship anywhere?

Holly said...

Lol! Poor doggies, and poor jeans! I'm sure they did not appreciate being chomped by a dog! What the heck is with that square hole!? That's really weird, how did THAT happen!?

Our Blessed Family said...

Hahaha, Thanks! I don't have my picture made very often and it is weird taking pictures of yourself but I did it any way!