Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ode to Ra-Ool....

Well, the patio work is done, and I must say...Ra-Ool pulled it off. We were like little kids, watching the concrete truck pour the new patio. It was very interesting and with all the chatter coming from Ra-Ool and his peeps, it kinda felt like we were in Mexico. But that's beside the point!
And here is the view from the door off the laundry room. We had dye put in the concrete so it dries to a color called sandstone. I really considered staining it, and after researching, it would be pretty easy to do it ourselves....but it costs the same to just dye it and not have to do any work. The fear of screwing up this patio that we have spent so much on kept me from going with the stain.....paying someone to do it wasn't an option, because they charge a fortune. We are pretty happy with the color, it's much better than the whitish gray that concrete normally is.
Ra-Ool left me these sweet, huge ruts in my yard, (courtesy of the concrete truck-which also broke the Nuns {next door neighbors} driveway after they so graciously agreed to let the truck back up their driveway to get to our backyard) Yes-broke their heard me right.
If any of you know Sister Judith Marie, you know how distressing this is. She is one hard-core, serious business type of lady. (Scares me!)

We still have a TON of work to do, but I have to say that already, we have enjoyed this patio more in this past week than we have the entire 5 years we've lived here. We put the basketball goal on the edge of the uncovered part and the girls have spent hours out there playing HORSE and shooting baskets. (maybe this will help with the b-ball season next year, since this year was a little rough....just sayin') We also got the tetherball up and ready, so we are making progress as far as entertainment for the girls and their peeps. The very daunting task that I am facing now is finding affordable patio furniture. My lands....that stuff is EXPENSIVE! Seriously? It sits outside! How much can your really pay for furniture that sits outside? And you can imagine how durable it's going to have to be.....with psycho dog unattended outside at could be ugly. So, no expensive cushions for us!

I will post more pictures of the finished patio soon.

And, by the way, Ra-Ool did fill the ruts in with dirt and clean up all his messes. All said and done, I love me some Ra-Ool!



Our Blessed Family said...

We bought our patio furniture at Academy but we got it in September or October one year and so it was on clearance. It was normally $450 and we got it for $120! WOOOO HOOOO! I know you don't want to wait until the fall to get it but that is when the good deals are! The new patio looks great! I like the stained concrete!

Fianna Place said...
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Fianna Place said...

Crap I don't know how I changed my blog name but anyway. I think I have an idea for patio furniture you can get cheap.

Jenna said...

I feel like I could be in love with your new background....if I could see it!!! I've got to figure out why my d@*n screen cuts the sides off everything. I can only see about a quarter inch--but what I can see looks cute. If anyone out there knows why I can't see everyone's fabulous backgrounds please let me know!!!

Angie said...

Heart you Ra-ool. The patio looks fabulouso!!

Rachel Brown said...

Ok you are not putting posts on here?????

Anonymous said...


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