Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Up, Homeys?

Long time, no post! I have wanted to post several little things but my bleeping card reader is not working on my laptop and it is so aggrivating. Anybody know how to fix that?
So here is a random post.......
First....Anybody like choc-O-late? Because these two sweet girls........................................................

You know 'em? They are trying to earn a little money for their school AND maybe win a digital camera or a chance to throw a pie in their principal's face. "OOOOOHHH," you say......."of course I want to help out these two cuties, but How?" ............WELLLLLLLLLLL...........

How about a little Worlds Finest Chocolate! (screams, applaud, roars from the crowd)

Oh, Don't turn away! You know you want some. It's WORLD'S FINEST, for goodness sake! I've been eating this stuff since I was in a baby bed and it IS the finest! We got your milk chocolate, your caramel, your chocolate with almonds, your dark chocolate with almonds, your crisp! SOOOO, just give us a comment or a call if you are interested, and I know you are....because............Good Morning America says that, by now, most of us have fallen off of the big New Years Resolution diet we started on Jan 1. So...come on....have a candy bar!

Moving on.....

Saturday morning, I woke up to SOMEONE'S Tv blairing and I tried to ignore it and sleep in because I had to work Saturday night and I always try to sleep in super late....ya, till 8:00. But, I couldn't sleep over the TV noise, so I got up and walked into a certain 6 year old's room to do a little griping.....

and this is what I saw........

So, that just melted me because I love these little sisters and you know all that stuff I've said before about needing therapy because I don't have a sister, blah, blah, blah.........So I was over that immediately! Isn't that the sweetest? Them all snuggled up in bed together on a Saturday morning, watching a little SpongeBob? I l.o.v.e. It!

And lastly........I have a little video for you, but let me set the scene, first! I worked last night, we had a very critical baby, so it was a very busy and tense night. I come home this morning...get to bed around 8:30am....dream about work, and wake up at 11:20. Lay in bed for 30 minutes or so until family discovers I'm awake and all come in my room to talk to me at once about 20 different things. I get a bunch of crap (because that is what I do when I don't get enough sleep)...(ok...that's what I do even when I do get enough sleep) sit and stare at the Matilda Jane website because I am going to order stuff this afternoon and I LOVE that stuff and would probably sell my kidneys to buy it (see....i'm obsessed).

Then, Ra-OOL (Raul?) arrives, the nice hispaniol fella who is going to bust up our hideously ugly patio and replace it with some pretty new stained concrete. This is all exciting, right? So, Ra-OOL goes to work! With a Jack Hammer. And after about 3o minutes, the jack hammer is making my brain vibrate against my skull in a very negative way. So, I have to have a cocktail at 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon (and this does not make me feel good about myself) because there is a jack hammer in my head now and the Motrin isn't working. forward to NOW (yes, it's 8:30pm)....'Ra-OOL' just left because hubs told him we needed to get the kids to bed (and you KNOW the neighbors are HATING us). So, for very many hours now.....I have been listening to a jack hammer....and it's right at the back door....which is right in the living room....and I have had 3 hours of sleep....and it's not exciting anymore. AT. ALL.

This was taken through the window in the back door. The door is closed. Is it just me, or is that enough to make you slit your wrists? (just sayin')

And......don't ya love that patio.....all that 'lovely' terracotta tile? UGH! I'll be glad to see it go, but I'm gonna need some sleep to get through this.




Our Blessed Family said...

How funny! I love reading your funny posts! The picture of your girls is too sweet! Now I don't want to brag or anything, but we sold our box of chocolates in less than 48 hours...... Want to know the secret?? Fire Station..... You have them! Take those beauties down to your closest station and hit up the guys! They will buy them! hehehe

Kathryn said...

love reading your blog! how much is the chocolate selling for??

Anonymous said...

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