Monday, March 16, 2009

the day before 9....

Yup, she's gonna be nine tomorrow! My sweet, sweet Evan. It's so hard to believe. And she is embarking on a new soccer. Maybe this will be 'her sport'! She's so excited about it. Tonight was the first practice, she was a little intimidated. Alot of those girls have been playing for 5 years, so they are pretty good. I think she kind-of expected everyone to be on her level. She had fun, though....and even practiced her cartwheels and handstands during practice (not kidding)! Bet those coaches were loving that! I feel so bad for her because we just didn't offer her the same opportunities that we have Ella. (live and learn, ya know....poor first born children) Evan didn't really ask to play soccer or t-ball when she was 4 or 5, so we just didn't do it. Looking back, we should have put her in it and let her decide if she liked it. Starting at age 8 or 9 is a bit of a disadvantage, when all these others have years of experience by now. So....Bad mom! I know. But I am determined that she will find her 'niche'. I will sign her up for anything she wants to do...I owe her that. She is very good at playing piano, but that doesn't satisfy her need to be a part of a team, and to compete. Watching Ella play soccer and t-ball last year seems to have awakened the team player/competitor in her.
Anyway....enough rambling.....tomorrow is a big day!