Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evan's day.....

Well.....I think Ev had a great birthday! She isn't having a birthday party this year, which kind of stinks. A few months ago, we found a really fun summer camp for her to go to (for 1 week). The camp is somewhat expensive, so I told her she would have to give up some things in order for us to be able to afford it, and one of those things was a big birthday party. It was her decision....to choose between going to camp or having a big party...she chose camp. I know she will be glad. Tonight, we had my mom, stepmom, sister-in-law (karen) and my nephews over for pizza and cake. Evan had a really good time playing with her cousins. This weekend we are having Brad's family over for a cookout.....so Evan said today that it's like she's having two parties and she was all excited, which made me feel better about her not having a big party with her friends.
Ready for school...seriously, she looks older, doesn't she?

Posing with the gift that we got her......

I picked her and one of her BF's up and took them to lunch.... new Vera Bradley purse......lucky girl!
Stinks when birthdays come to an end, huh?
She's such a sweet girl. I am so proud of her. And I just want to say that she is the Best big sister to Ella. When I think back on things that have happened since I've become a mother....the proudest, most beautiful memory I have is of Evan meeting Ella for the first time. She came right over, got up in the bed with me, and just started kissing her....then she would just stare at her and touch her face...and kiss her some more. It was...by all means...a beautiful moment. And from that day on, she has exceded any expectations I had of what kind of example she would be for her baby sister. When I work at night, I don't usually get home until 7:25am. On those mornings, Evan sets her alarm, gets up, then gets Ella up. (while hubs is still in bed or in the shower) Then she makes breakfast for both of them....whatever Ella wants....cereal, oatmeal, milk, orange juice....whatever. We have never asked her to do this, she just does it on her own. During the summer, while I sleep a few hours in the morning after I've worked....Evan totally entertains and cares for Ella the whole time....plays games with her....watches movies with her....reads to her.....colors with her.....just whatever it takes to keep her happy so that I can sleep for a few hours.
It melts me to hear how gentle and nurturing she can be.
Anyway, I'm rambling, but I don't say enough how lucky I am to have a daughter like her.


Anonymous said...

She is a special girl. What a gift. Happy B-day Evan! H, those baby pics...please have one more :) !

mika beth said...

oh, that last comment was from me.

Rachel Brown said...

Oh Evan is such a sweet girl!!