Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wanted: Girls Room Makeover Advice.....

Here is a desperate plea: Have I mentioned that way back before Christmas, the girls got ahold of a Pottery Barn kids catalog and decided that they "had to have" a daybed and trundle and that they would both move into Evan's room to sleep on the "fabulous" bed. Evan and Brother in the bed, Ella and Dixie on the trundle. So, obviously, the PB beds are way beyond what I want to spend on a bed for this phase they are in, sure to outgrow soon. Well, I have been searching high and low, internet and furnitures stores....and after months of searching, I lucked into a bed at a local store (Odom's) that gets trucks of furniture from damages to overstocks and whatever. Waahoo, right? Well, kinda! Here is the bed:

Not bad for $150.00!

I did have to paint it because it was a little 'scuffed' up. And it doesn't have a trundle, so I am hunting for one now. But, overall, it's a great bed and the girls love it.

The problem is: bedding! Ugh! I have searched and searched and I can find nothing. Everything looks cheap, is way to bright, or is way to expensive. We are planning to redo it all. Paint, bedding, rug, new bookshelf or desk, etc. Where, oh, where can I find cute bedding? I have looked at all the obvious places...Pottery Barn, Company Kids, Restoration Hardware Kids, Posh Tots, Target, blah, blah, blah.....


Right now we have the Simply Shabby Chic from Target (that is what is on the bed in the picture). She is tired of that. Evan wants pink and brown, but I'm not crazy about the idea. I would love to find a khaki or mocha color to put with pink, but not chocolate brown. She is pretty open to looking at everything....even some brighter prints (but not neon-ish bright). It's making us (me and the girls) crazy because we got all excited about finding the bed and now can't find anything to put on it.

SOOOOO, I beg of go-to-for-anything in blogland friends....tell me where, besides the obvious places, can I look for cute stuff?

Have you seen great stuff somewhere? Help me, please! Desperation is setting in!

If this post goes help me, girls, I will shut this baby down! Down, I tell you!

I am counting on you!




When you type the word 'down' alot, it looks weird!



beatnikluv said...

That is a local store (Barling) and they can order any of that stuff for you. LOVE the bed and nice to hear that you can get some decent things at Odoms!!

Cochran Quads said...

Try, it's hit or miss, but worth a try!! Also, there is a pink and brown combo at Target. Good Luck! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Sarah and Brad said...

I just have to say that:

#1-I'm just about in tears reading the last few posts about your baby's bday (I'm just now getting caught up on A LOT of blog reading). Just precious.

#2- Great find on the bed...very cute!

#3 - I'm fresh out of decorating ideas...but I know you'll make it look the're a creative one!!

Rachel Brown said...

I love for custom bedding. Ummm have you tried random place like Kohls & JC Penney even Sears ugggh. I hate those stores but sometimes they have stuff.

Cara said...

Ok, I am guessing this is the reason for your FB status. :) It has me laughing, which I needed after crying through Grey's Anatomy.

I LOVE Land of Nod.

Amazon? I didn't see anything really spectacular in pink and brown though.

Have a look at:

For a daybed it may need some tweaking.
Put your sewing skills to use.

Good luck!

nat said...

love the bed....i love me some odem's! about the bedding, i was at hancock's yesterday and all the apoulstry fab. is 50% off. i am going back today to pick some up for my next project!!

Kori Hudson said...

We LOVE Serena and Lily bedding... That's where we got my daughter's crib set, and then also found matching bedding for when we moved the baby into Autumn's room. They're a little pricey, but they have a sale section that usually has cute stuff in it. You can find them at:

Also, what we did with Norah's crib bedding was to find the set we loved on Serena and Lily, then we set up an eBay search for it, to notify us when one came up for sale. We got the full crib bedding set for about 1/4 the price it was on the website! Good luck!