Thursday, April 2, 2009

who doesn't love a good 'before and after'.....

Well....I decided enough is enough....all the comments I was getting about Ella's teeth not looking "quite right". What? I mean, I know all mothers think their own children are beautiful, but I pride myself on being able to accept it when my kids have a 'quirk' or a misbehaving or have a feature that isn't so great. But, really, her teeth looked fine to me. Anyway, I decided to take her to the dentist so he could reassure me that her teeth were just fine.
Here she is before the dentist:

Cute, huh? I know, ya'll are all like "what, she is presh! nothing wrong with her teeth!"

But the dentist actually found a few problems and fixed a few things....nothing major. I can hardly tell the difference in the before and after!

Here she is after the dentist:

Same cute smile!

love to tha peeps!



Sarah and Brad said...


She has the cutest little face!! Her big brown eyes make it hard to say no, I bet. Such a pretty girl!!