Wednesday, April 8, 2009

let the games begin......

Last night was Ella's first soccer game. They kicked some tail!!! She scored a proud of her. I can't believe how much her team has improved since the fall soccer season. Everyone of them has gotten so much better. And I'm proud to say that Ella no longer runs in slow motion. That's not to say that she will be winning any races, but she has definitely gotten faster.
Love this action shot! Look at her intense face and that perfect running form! LOVE. IT.
And who's team did we play......Miss Maggie Rae's. Her team is called the Highlighters! How perfect is that considering those uniform colors!
Our team is called......are you ready for this........the Blue Demons! Not sure who came up with that one. Probably our crazy coach (and by crazy I mean fun and hilarious). He brought Mt. Dew and porkrinds for snacks for the kids. Not lying. Gotta love him!
I love spring. days.......Life is good!
hrk the way......Evan's soccer career has ended. She just kindof decided it wasn't for her, which is fine. She's going back to tumbling and dance....definitely for her. I'm glad she tried a few things and has realized what she really wants to do. I finally just told her...."ya know, Ev, some girls just aren't sports girls.....and there is NOTHING wrong with that!"
She can rock the piano....she is good at so many things....just not really sports. What can I say, She comes by that honestly! (mama ain't no athlete!)


Rachel Brown said...

Oh I wish I could have seen them play together. I didn't want to take Landy in the cold. Maggie loves Ella and Evan!!

The Sharum's said...

I love that pic of the 2 girls together. I can see a little brad and a little rachel :0)