Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy, happy Easter.........

First and foremost.....please keep our Brother Bear in your prayers. He has a tumor in his right eye and he is in alot of pain. He started on eye drops yesterday but the tumor looks worse today. We emailed Uncle Vetrenarian a picture of the eye and a close up of the tumor this morning....he said that the tumor looks deep and that we need to take Brother in on Monday morning to have it looked it. He could potentially need surgery. Uncle Vet says that these tumors are not uncommon in Boston Terriers and can quickly cause them to lose their eye. Hopefully we can prevent that. Our poor baby's awful to see him so miserable. Boo Hoo. On a lighter note, the Easter Bunny stopped by sometime last night and filled the girls baskets with goodies and hid some eggs. He left the girls a Boston Terrier much fun. And some cute tshirts and WAY TO MUCH candy. Silly Easter Bunny.

Hope everyone has a great Easter. I will update on Brother later. Rachel sent us an Easter dress for Brother to get all dressed up in...but he just isn't up to it today. We will dress him up when he is all better.

don't let the rain get ya down!

HE IS RISEN. Glory to God!



Rachel Brown said...

OH NOOOOOO poor Brother!! I will bring him some dogs treats if he needs them. I hope you are letting him chew on whatever he wants right now.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about you Brother Bear. We also have a BT named Phoebe and I couldn't imagine going through this with her. Bless his heart. Keep us posted! I will also be on the hunt for tha BT Webkinz too! Looks like the girls were thrilled with there Easter Goodies! Have a Great one!!

Lisa said...

Hello! You don't know me and well I don't know you either but I read your blog sometimes. I get on from Angie's....any-who I really hate to hear about your dog that is just pitiful:( I am wondering are your walls painted paneling? I saw the pics of your girls(they are beautiful by the way) and it kinda looks like it and they look great. I wouldn't have thought about painting them that golden color which I love, love. love! So anyway I was just wondering. I have lots of dark, gross paneling and I want to do something but I am just not sure what. So any advice would be much appreciated.