Friday, April 3, 2009

girls room makeover: in progress.....

OK.....I found bedding that Evan and I both liked for her bedroom. I found it at Joni's (which I thought had gone out of business but turns out they had just moved...thanks to Rachel for that info).....
So....I found this khaki colored duvet cover with a pink floral print. The back of the duvet is just khaki and cream stripes. The pattern has been discontinued (good: because it was on sale, bad: because I originally wanted it in the quilt but they were all gone and there are no more pillow shams). I ordered a pink and cream (tiny stripe) bedskirt and pillow, and I ordered an extra duvet cover so that I can make pillow shams and whatever else from it. (funny.....i say that like i have a clue how to make a pillow sham.....i do not).
Here is the duvet and pillow:
The girlys have gone out of town with grandparents this weekend, so today I went to get paint so I could get this room DONE! I had in mind going a shade lighter than the khaki color in the material....but it was so 'blah'! Just. beige. Boring. So I ended up going a shade darker, thinking that would add a little more richness than the 'beige'.
Here ya go:
It's hard to tell the true color from the picture. I have to say, I'm a little scared. Lots of brown, and not chocolate, just brown. I am fearing a 'brown paper sack' look. But, what else can I do at this point.....I just have to go for it.
I forgot to take a before picture until I had already cleared the room, so here is the one I got...

I love the green color that the room is right now, but I guess it's time for change.

Stay tuned to see how the color looks! I will post soon.

For now.....I'm Scared!



Rachel Brown said...

I will be praying for you. I hate painting! You will use muscles that you never remembered having. I LOVE the bedding!

Mary Kate said...

I love what you have picked out...I think the brown witll look great...go for it!!!