Thursday, April 9, 2009

mark it down in the books..........

.......that on this day, April 9, 2009, Ella Katherine willingly wore JEANS. To school. Without complaining. Not even once. Yes, my peeps......this is a very important day! A very good day.

I'm pretty sure the decision to wear jeans stemmed from seeing how cute 'sissy' looked in her jeans and rain boots.

Once at school (all cute in her jeans).....Ella's class headed to Methodist Nursing Home for an Easter egg hunt. Guess who found the prize golden egg?......yup, that cute little girl in the cute little jeans! The egg had $3.00 in it and the director gave her a stuffed chick that squeaks!WAAAHHOOOO. look at those eyes. and those rosy cheeks. and those bushy eyebrows. LOVE. IT.
love to tha


Jen said...

What does she usually wear? :)

Rachel Brown said...

Both of your girls are adorable!