Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Project (and a sneak peek).......

OK....Tanya over at the Sunday Baker has the neatest blog. She is always posting new recipes and takes amazing pictures of the food. I (and I am no kind of cook!) have even made some of the recipes on her blog and they turned out great! (not lying)!

Anyway, if you love food, you can spend hours on this blog looking at recipes, staring at food, and making yourself hungry when you should be doing laundry or dusting or something.
Sooooo, she is hosting a Pantry Challenge that is really neat! You should read about it. It's a great way to use up ingredients you already have and try new recipes.
Now, that said, I ain't doin' it! I mean....if you are a seasoned cook, this is a great idea...but, seriously...I melted a sauce pan straight into two pieces while I was simply boiling water! I am sooo not ready for a pantry challenge! Buuuuttt....while I was there, I saw this picture of some cabinets that had chalkboard paint inside them and it INSPIRED me! UH-OH!
Has anyone ever done this? I think I will, although, since our cabinets are brand new and cost a stinkin' fortune, I am sure I will meet resistance from the hubs. Look at this picture:
I love it. It doesn't look like that chalkboard paint is on the inside of the door, but whatever! is a picture of my cabinet insides.....(it's not pretty, girls):
Soooo....would you do it? I am thinking I will try to put corkboard on one of the doors, too. Ya know, good place to tack up the Boxtop sheet and the Boxtops, and recipes!
It would be a little scary to do, but I think the results would be soooo great!
And, I've been working like a mad woman on one of my Mission: Organization projects.
Remember this: is a sneak peek at the transformation that is underway!
I still have a few things left to do so I can't show it all yet.
Stay tuned for the big reveal! I am not sayin it will take your breath away, but it will definitely make my room look better and add some organization to my life!


Samantha said...

I wish I had made the photo into a Christmas card. I did have it right before the holiday...grrrrr. Ok, so, I have done the chalkboard paint on a desk top for Braden and Garrett and on a lamp and shade for their great!!!! However, I would NOT put it on the outside of those beautiful cabinets. And, yes, Brad would have a fit!!!!
My friend Jennifer, whose husband is childhood friends with the Re-Pete's owner, said she met Brad this week while he was over there trying to shoot "THE coyote" with a bow and arrow! :0) It paints a picture, I assure you! Eric and I have both seen this random coyote wandering aroud 71. Did he get it?

the alder boys said...

So...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the chalkboard on the back side of the cabinets!! I was thinking about doing it (after I read your blog) to the back side of my pantry door but like you, I know I will get a lot of resistance! Let me know if you do it! Maybe that will help convince Russ!

the alder boys said...

Ok I love the other blog you told me about too! Where do you find all these fun blogs? Russ makes fun of me now for reading all my friends blogs. Wait until he finds out that I am reading strangers!! I love it...let me know if you have some more favs! I need you to come over and give me some advise on my house. You are like Martha Stewart! So fun!!!

Cara said...

I don't think I would do it to the inside of the new cabinets, just in case. What about doing it to the door, saying this without being sure what material it is made of, that goes to your mudroom? Or you could do it to the inside of your "project organization" armoire on one side and do a cork board on the other.

And I want to know where you find fun blogs too. I love a food blog, can't wait to check it out.