Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess who the girlys met?!?!

Junie B. Jones!
YAY! Fun!

And her friends: (l to r): May, Lucille, Mr. Scarry, Herbert, and Sheldon

For those of you who have preschool or younger kids (or none), Junie B. Jones is a book character in a series of books that kids usually get into around kindergarten and 1st grade. She is precious and sassy (and always getting into trouble) and my girls have loved all her books. So tonight we went to the Alma Performing Arts Center to see the play, 'Junie B. Jones'.
It was the CUTEST ever! By far, it was the most fun play/show that I have ever taken them to and they both loved it. After the show, they had a little meet and greet in the lobby, so the girls got her autograph and a picture. I would highly recommend seeing this one!
Love a fun night with the honeys!


Jen said...

What is UP with the cute background??? Did you do that yourself? Or did your "b" girls come through?

Regardless...it's cute! :)