Thursday, January 22, 2009

QUICK....grab your purse, grab your keys......

And get your boo-tay down to TJ Maxx. It's Customer Appreciation Day and you get 15% off your entire purchase! WOOOOOHOOOOO! I love me some TJ, and the prices are great all the time. Add 15% off and....oh....this is just too much (hand to forehead, faintish). I scored some great things that I won't bore you with, BUT there is one thing I have to show:
BEHOLD....the biggest prize of all........
these Cole Haan sunglasses. WaaahhHoooo!
What was that? Oh,you're thinking I paid a pretty penny for these.
Not so! They were on clearance for $20.00. TWENTY DOLLARS! I'm pretty
sure I heard a church chior singing "Hallelujah" some
where in the background when I picked these up!

Well, what are you waiting for?....Get down there before all the good stuff is gone!



Our Blessed Family said...

Why couldn't I have read this before I left Fort Smith, picked Kamden up from school, and started doing homework???? ERG, now I am stuck here forcing myself to do my A&P! I would much rather be shopping at TJ Maxx!

Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

You have great taste I put those back on the round thing next to the register the other day b.c. I bought too much other crap. I have to stay away from that place. HAAAAAAAAa

Jen said...

I saw your post today at lunch, and was completely bummed that I couldn't leave right then and get a TJ fix!

But, I'm not much of a shopper lately...guess I'm just waiting to be a much cuter, smaller size before I go looking at cute new clothes! :)

Target has some REALLY cute new spring stuff in already!! I even resisted buying Caroline the SWEETEST little brown/multi polka-dotted swimsuit!!! I hope it's still there when I go back!

Angie said...

I didn't see your post until late last night.....HOW SAD FOR ME! :(

Angie said...

And if it was SOO great, shouldn't you have bought something for another give away?? "I'm just saying..." hee hee hee

HEART YOU!! (i don't want to be disqualified for future give aways)

the alder boys said...

Yes Heather, it is a REAL lion! Totally gross and tell Ella that it I wish it could go in a cage. Maybe then I wouldn't be so freaked out by it!