Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mission Organization-Project 1: Done(ish)

Ok....stop holding your breath....I am finally done with the first of my Mission Organization projects. remember this eye candy below:

Well, feast your eyes on this:

wait for it....


keep waiting.....


I am not lying girls, I did this all by myself. I know, I know.....your thinking I must have had some profesionals over here building and organizing and such, but, was all me.

For the shelves in the picture below, I just bought one those pre-done shelf kits at Lowes and had the nice worker man cut it down to the right size for me. Wellllll, he must have been intimidated by my extreme hotness (just sayin'), and he cut it tooooo short. So he just went over and got another one.........and he cut it too short, too! Not kidding! So, in his complete embarassment, he was all, "if you think you can make 'em work, just take 'em both and go on without paying for the second one" Well, no kidding, I wasn't gonna pay for the second one. This definitely worked out in my favor, because I got 2 shelves for the price of one (about $17.00) and they were just BARELY to short, so they still worked great!

I used my old organizer that used to be in that dreadful computer cabinet. It was cream, so I just spray painted it brown. In the basket, I put all of our stationary! That second shelf still needs a little something, but I haven't found the right thing yet. I want a little gold "K". Or a little picture frame And underneath, our printer and filing box. The little chests are being used to store tax reciepts (the small chest) and books (the big chest). The basket on top of the file box is a new trick I just read about in a magazine. You just throw anything you get that needs to be filed into the basket, then when the basket is full, you file! It eliminates filing all the time and keeps everything that needs to be filed in one spot! Love it! I bought a $3.00 clearance 8x10 picture frame at TJ Maxx and just stuck the cork from an old bulliten board in it. Perfect! For the desk top, I just bought a small piece of wood at Lowes and had them cut it to the right measurements. So don't worry if your hubs doesn't own any power tools and wouldn't know how to use them if he did, because those sweet fellas at Lowes will cut your boards for F.R.E.E! Then I put a little stain on it and put it on some cheap metal brackets. The most expensive part of the project was the glass that I had cut to put on top of the desk. It cost $21.00, but totally worth it. I just called them with my measurements and they had it ready in an hour. I stuck some picutres and things under it. Love it!, I know you are all like, what about that FAB skirt? That must have been custom made by Martha Stewart or something! Ha! I made it! Woo Hoo. It is some cheap fake silk fabric and it was my first time to sew with elastic (and I did have a few mini disasters) much fun. I can't wait to make something else with elastic. I could so make myself a skirt, you know, all comfy and dowdy with an elastic waist. (Nah.) Anyway, it by no means was hard or requires any sort of skill, because I don't have any. Easy Peasy!
So there it is, peeps! I'll be starting project 2 soon.
Word to tha mothas! Get inspired!
ps....I also still have to find a small chair to put there. I have a little piano bench, but hubs insists that if he is going to use this desk to work at, it must have a chair with a back. So, then it will be done, not done(ish).


Jen said...

I am THOROUGHLY impressed! :) How 'bout just stoppin' by and working your magic here!

I'm still planning my strategy for making our junky guest room into my sewing/craft room. Just way too much crap in there right now!

Samantha said...

GREAT JOB! And is that Twilight I see on the top shelf? NICE... One of my favs as well.

I've noticed Evan in her baseball outfit. St. Paul is actually attempting to have a team this year. If I'm not mistaken, she's the perfects age...not 7 by
May 1? Emma Paulus is playing on the team and we're searching desperately for another little girl! I always forget how old Evan is since she doesn't go to the "nursery" area at church...Braden just can't seem to cut the cord and leave Ms. Paula behind. Just wait until next year when he actually has to go to kindergarten and leave Garrett behind at preschool. They've never been to "school" without each other...

Let me know about the t-ball thing and I really LOVE your desk area. Now all I need is a home of my own so I can get started! :0)

Our Blessed Family said...

Oh Heather it looks GREAT!!! My projects never turn out like this :) I have so many to do but with school starting back I am pressed for extra time!

Vintagesquirrel said...

What a fantastic job here. I especially like the corkboard idea.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I'm just stopping over from Thrifty Decor Chick's Organizing party. Just loved your little makeover! Makes me want to go hope that a guy cuts my shelves a bit to short. :) I just love the layout of your blog too!!