Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silly Ella......

Here are some silly conversations with Ella that I never want to forget...... Ella fell last week and hit her tailbone pretty hard. Brad was all "I'm sorry babe, when you hit your tailbone it really hurts." A little while later, Ella says, "Dad, my 'butt knuckle' still hurts." Seriously? Butt knuckle? That is almost a brilliant description of the tailbone, isn't it?!?! I picked Ella up from school one day and this is what she said: Ella: "Mom, I taller than Hayden!" Me: "Really. Wow." Ella: "Yeah, but not very much. I'm just one 'cemipede' taller." Made my day! This conversation was today: Ella: "Did you know that Barack Obama is the first African American president?" Brad: "Yes, I did. Do you know what African American means?" Ella: "No." Brad: "It means he is black." Ella: "OOOOOOh. So all the rest of them were just skin color?" Huh? Five year olds are so funny! hrk