Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a few silly pictures.......

Before I head off to the NICU to light and heat the earth for the 3rd night in a row, I wanted to share a few silly pictures I've taken this week.
Since hubs does most of the cooking around here, I try to do my part by making it as comfortable for him as possible.
Soooo...when I came across these onion goggles, they were a must have. He's always complaining about tearing while chopping some onions. Well, we cured that little problem.
Tonight, he tried them out while making fajitas! (yum)
How cute does he look? Seriously!

And they worked GREAT!

On another note, we are going skiing next month and I've been trying to find ski clothes for all of us (preferrably very cheap ski clothes)! Well....SCORE! I found a whole set (ski bibs and ski coat) for Ella at TJ Maxx (love ya TJ) on clearance for $20.00. Whooty hoo!
So I came right home and made her put it on. Besides the fact that it added 20 pounds to her and she looked like Ralphy from A Christmas Story, it was PER-FECT-O!
Since I do not allow my girls to use the word FAT in any context, Evan kept staring at her and finally said, "She looks C-H-U-B-B-Y." Had to let it slide because she did! But sooo presh!


the alder boys said...

I don't know which pic I laughed at more!! Oh by the way, how do you get your husband to cook? And Ella is the cutest Ralphy I have ever seen!!

mika beth said...

Yeah, i can finally leave a comment! Brad and Matt need to exchange recipes! I cooked for the first time in a year this week> I think the girls perfered their Daddy!

Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

Hey can Brad use those goggles in the pool to? HAAAAAAAAA